• How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? Here’s Your Reality Check!

    Ask an Agent and you will get different amounts. They will whip out the I-pad or Laptop and come out with a 25 or 30 page presentation of what you “Need”. As an experienced Agent, I work in reality. The amount of Life Insurance needed is also equally important as to what you can afford read more
  • Protecting the Borrower, Co-Signers and your Child on Private College Loans

    The Problem No parent wants to think about the idea of outliving their child. Having to bury a child that you raised since birth is an unimaginable situation but it happens more than not. However, if you or someone else is a borrower or co-signer on a private college loan, chances are there will be read more
  • Getting Life Insurance with COPD…….. YOU HAVE OPTIONS

    Just because you have COPD, doesn’t mean you cannot get approved for life insurance. Nor does it mean that you have to pay dearly because you’re rated. While it is aggravating trying to find a life insurance company to get coverage with, each company looks at COPD differently and having an agent that knows this read more
  • Life Happens……Are You Prepared?

    Most people purchase life insurance to help provide their family financial security at the time of their death. But what if you experienced a chronic, critical or terminal illness? Would your insurance policy allow you to access your death benefit to help cover the associated costs? What is a Critical, Chronic or Terminal Illness?  Critical Illness  Critically Ill means read more
  • 6 Reasons your 529 Plan SUCKS

    6 Reasons your 529 Plan SUCKS And why you should consider using Guaranteed Indexed Universal Life Insurance   Life insurance is or should be the foundation of your financial, retirement, or estate plan, but why would anyone use Guaranteed Indexed Universal Life Insurance as a funding vehicle to pay for college education? There are numerous read more
  • Disability Rights: The Top 4 Legal Issues Faced by Special Needs Families

    Parents of developmentally disabled children face a lifetime of challenges related to raising and protecting their family. They cherish the special bonds they hold with their disabled loved ones, yet they frequently find themselves exhausted physically, emotionally, and even financially by their role as caregivers. Thankfully, due to a growing awareness of the challenges affecting read more